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The Reason

I recently joined Catholic Street Missionaries (CSM) in November of 2017. I took part in CSM for several reasons. One major reason I joined was because of one friend I met who made a big difference in my life.

I will begin this blog with a short introduction about my friend who was originally from Mexico and came to Canada to study music. Diego and I were inseparable. He was actually a roommate of mine at a homestay I was living in. I was attending UBC at the time in my early twenties and we supported each other in our studies, I helped him become fluent in English and he taught me some Spanish. Unfortunately, his student Visa expired after a few years and he had to return to Mexico.

We lost touch after awhile and stopped contacting each other as it was too painful to keep our friendship going and not be able to see one another.

After a few years I graduated from UBC and began working, trying different jobs and meeting new people.

I went to visit my parents one weekend and they received a call from Diego's parents that he had passed away due to heart complications. I didn’t realize it at first but I was devastated.

All of these memories came flooding back of our times together. One memory which stood out most was that Diego liked to give back to the Homeless. He recognized the homeless issue in Vancouver and he wanted to do something about the problem.

After much contemplation, I felt a call from God to give up worldly endeavours and material goods to connect with the homeless. My heart and soul wanted God at the centre of my life and not just on the sidelines.

Now that I am participating in CSM I feel my call is being fulfilled and I am commemorating my friend Diego in the process. Thanks to Diego my relationship with God has deepened and I continue to remember him by working with CSM. 

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