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Upcoming Events

August 25-26

Friday 6pm -

Saturday 8:30pm

24-hour Fast and Pray 2023 (for Young Adults 29-39) - Fundraiser

Praying with the Saints for the love of the poor!

Fasting and small sacrifices make prayer much more efficacious.  Join Catholic Street Missionaries to fast and pray for world peace, the Church, the marginalized and victims of abuse.   On Saturday, participants will carpool to Westminster Abbey and spend a day there.   This event includes Masses, Adoration, Confession, talks, sharing, social/bonding time as well as group and private prayer time.  Fasting doesn't have to be on food.  It can be a fast on digital devices!   Participants will be spiritually nourished!   

July 13-17

Thursday 9am - Sunday 9pm

Street Missionary Weekend - FINISHED!  Thank you for participating!

The CSM Street Missionary Weekend is designed to introduce young people to the life of a street missionary, sharing a life of prayer and service with others who go out into the streets bringing the love of Jesus to the homeless.

For the weekend, participants will live a communal life, praying, learning, and reaching out to our homeless friends on the streets. We will also enjoy recreational activities together.

Mar 24-25​​

Fri 6pm - Sat 9am

SLEEP OUT 2023 - FINISHED!  Thank You for participating and donating!

By giving u​p one night, you can help make change for our brothers and sisters on the streets.

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