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My First Homeless Outreach in a cold, snowy night

It was a cold, snowy night.  Our team went out to look for people sleeping on the street.   Agata and I were looking around when we saw a blanket.   At first we were unsure.  We had no idea if there was someone underneath and I was desperately looking for someone to fit my small sleeping bag with when we saw the man's legs as he was crouched down, cold with only a single blanket covering his body.  We woke him up and he looked at us, dazed, confused as he had no idea why there's two strangers keeping him from his slumber in the middle of the night.  It was then that we asked him if he needed a sleeping bag.  (We brought with us comfort coats that can be used as sleeping bags.)  Oh! You should have seen his face!  It was filled with delight.  He immediately accepted our offer and we placed the coat on his weary body.  He was so excited while we were explaining how the sleeping bag work and he was just so grateful.  So grateful that he couldn't conceal it.  His happiness was contagious.  His name is Tim.  It's really amazing how God works.  We went there to give, hoping to keep someone warm, not really expecting anything in return but instead it was really them who gave us a gift.  In giving, we were the one who received.  In keeping them warm, it was them who warmed our hearts.  That night was full of wonders.  I went home a little different than before.  My hands opened a little wider, my mind got a little bit broader, my heart a little fuller, and my faith ever stronger.

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