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My first experience doing outreach with Catholic Street Missionaries

As a newcomer to Canada following from over twenty one years of living in the Philippines, I was itching for something to do with the free time that I had. I can’t really say that I’m active and outgoing, but if it’s for the right reasons then I gladly go out of my way to spend time for a certain cause. I believe Catholic Street Missionaries was the perfect solution for what I was looking for after reading about them on social media. 

I was very fortunate to have joined the recent training and outreach initiative held in November 19, 2017. I was able to meet Mildred, Richard, and a lively group of Catholics who were all eager to make a difference in the lives of others. I can say that I was blessed with the opportunity to give back to those who were less fortunate even if I was fairly new to the country and its milieu. 

I believe that the personal and emotional challenges that I was facing helped me to strongly anchor my faith in God who is my Father. I was always praying for some clarity in the sense that I wanted to make my life more meaningful through the actions that I do and through the groups I belong to. I believe that giving, in the numerous ways that are possible, is an amazing way to connect with God who continues to provide for us every day. I was very humbled by the experience of going out into the rainy streets of Vancouver since it helped me become more aware of the things that I should and can do to help others. 

I hope to continue serving God and my neighbour by working with Catholic Street Missionaries. My experience was very fruitful and I hope others can join as well so that they may better recognize our ability to do good in this world.

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