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He didn't move. He was almost frozen! Thanks to the Comfort Coats that saved his life.

Last night, we went out and gave out comfort coats transformable to sleeping bags to the homeless.  (Those comfort coats are made with love by Helpers of Sts. Anne and Joachim, Good Shepherd Parish, White Rock, B.C.)

A man was couching by the lamp post.  His name is Steve.  He only had a thin jacket on, not suitable for the weather.  We asked if he would like a comfort coat.  At first he didn't respond, we thought he was drunk.  We waited patiently,  Later on, he finally responded and accepted the comfort coat.  We found out he wasn't drunk nor high but he was almost frozen!  We helped him wore the coat and put on the gloves that came with it. He changed from not wanting any prayer to asking us to pray over both frozen thumbs.  So, we did!   Praise God!  Gradually, he began to move.  As he warmed up, he was able to search through the goody bag that comes with the coat, and packed his stuff in slow motion.  His extreme slow motion gradually became a little closer to normal speed.  Finally, he was able to get up, smile to us and  give us a group hug.  His fist touched ours a few times as a sign of connection and gratitude.  His face smiling brightly with joy because he's feeling warm enough to move around.  Then he walked away happily.  He was very grateful!  Thanks God for using us to bring warmth, love and joy to Steve!

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