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Am I the right person to start this ministry?

*The picture of the beautiful Monarch butterfly has a special meaning to me. It represents how I feel: hopeful and joyful!

    I had always pride myself for being easy-going, friendly, compassionate, understanding, well-loved and have courage to face reality and the truth.  However, a series of recent events make me doubt myself, feel small and low about myself.  Yet, I refuse to fall into despair. The Lord is giving me enough grace to trust in Him.  Even though I may be a scum of the earth, I'm still God's beloved.  And it is not through my goodness but His, that fruits will be produced through me and my ministry.

    I feel like the Lord is using these recent events to train me to be detached of my pride and any self-reliance on my own little goodness to do His work.   It is only in God can I trust.

I was once told that "God chooses the weak".  It is this sentence that is re-assuring me right now.   Even though I'm weak and lowly, I can count on God's promise.  I have hope in the Lord!   

     The Gospel reading for this coming Sunday (Matthew 16:13-20) re-confirms this.   In this Gospel passage, Jesus said to Peter "You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church.  And the gates of the underworld can never hold out against it."   Even though Peter was weak, was rebuked by Jesus for his lack of faith (in Matthew 14:30-32), for being a stumbling block to Him (in Matthew 16:23), and had denied Him three times, he was still able to be used by God to be the first Pope.  And the church that was built on him is still standing today after 2000 years.  Because of that, I am consoled.  My burden is cast away, and I'm once again filled with joy!

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