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Would you like to be a Street Missionary for a year?


ONE CHALLENGE is a 1-year program for young people age 19-39 to experience what it's like to be a lay street missionary, reaching out to the margins of the society and establishing a personal relationship with the Lord through silent contemplation.

ONE because:
  • There is only ONE thing that's truly important in your life!
  • Jesus only asks you to take ONE step at a time.
  • This life-changing program takes only ONE year of your life.

This program has 3 major aspects:  Community Life, Prayer and Mission Work as follows:


  • We live like the early apostles.
  • We share our lives together.
  • We support each other.
  •  We share our work and our joy.
* We are opening a community house for up to 4 women to live together. Participants, men or women, may also join this program by commuting from home. *

      St. Teresa of Calcutta said, 
           "The fruit of SILENCE is prayer,
            The fruit of PRAYER is faith,
            The fruit of FAITH is love,
            The fruit of LOVE is service,
            The fruit of SERVICE is PEACE.”
      We lead a balance life of contemplation and outreach.   We can be called “Contemplatives in Action”. 

  • we reach out to the prostituted women
  • we reach out to the homeless
  • we reach out to those in addictions
  • Through scripture cards, we share God's words and His unconditional love with them.
  • we journey with those who wish to change to start a new life in Christ, off drugs and off the street. However, we do not force our faith on anyone. We respect those who do not believe in Jesus.
  • we reach out to the youth to raise the awareness of sex trafficking and the harm of drugs
  • we do not judge because as St. Teresa of Calcutta said "If we judge, we will have no time to love."


* Note:  There will be 3 hours of formation every week. 


Yes, it is very safe.  Safety is our number one priority.  Catholic Street Missionaries is a spin-off from St. Mary's Street Ministry which has been around since 2004.  We never have any problem.  We walk on well-lit streets with other pedestrians walking around.  We always go in teams.  Outreach teams are led and trained by experienced street ministers.  

  • Young women and men between 19 – 39 who have a strong desire to live the Gospel by serving Jesus in the outcast and marginalized, expecting nothing in return but Him alone.
  • Those who are discerning their vocations
  • Those who are in good standing with the Catholic Church and support the Catholic Church’s teachings. 
  • Those who like to learn, are seeking spiritually growth and are interested in developing a personal relationship with God. 
  • Those who are non-judgemental and team players.  Only your life experience is required.
  • A Canadian citizen or permanent resident


Fill out the short questionnaire below   -->   Short Application Form   -->   Long Application Form   -->   Interview   -->    Preliminary Acceptance   -->   Silent retreat   -->   Confirmation and Final Acceptance

How to Apply?

Please fill out the short questionnaire below, and click SUBMIT.

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