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Our Mission

To bring the Gospel message of God’s love and hope to those on the fringes of the society.


  • That everyone will be treated with respect & dignity.
  • Everyone, especially the weak, poor and outcast, will be cared for.

  • That there will be no more buyers of sex (as no one should have the right to pay to treat another person as a sex object. This violates the first point above.) 

  • No one will be forgotten, abandoned nor marginalized by the society.


• God has preferential love for the abandoned, forgotten and the outcast.

• Those on the street are as precious as those who serve them.

• We all share the same dignity as children of God.

• We respect those who do not believe in Jesus as Savior and God. We do not force our faith on them.


Many people on the street suffer from addictions, mental illness and post-traumatic stress disorders (due to abuses they experienced in childhood). As there are many charitable organizations providing them with food, clothing and shelter, they are pretty much taken care of in terms of material needs. What is lacking is permanent housing for the homeless, detox beds for the addicted, assisted living and treatment for the mentally-ill as well as emotional and spiritual support. While we help them in various practical ways as we are able, our focus is on providing spiritual support because, as Christians, we believe there is only one thing that is important in life: our relationship with God. We strive to help those we journey with to develop a personal relationship with God. We believe that with God as the centre of their lives, everything else will fall into place. (Matthew 6:33 )

A Message from Archbishop Michael Miller, Archdiocese of Vancouver