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  • everyone be treated with respect and dignity
  • everyone, especially the weak, poor and outcast, be cared for
  • no one be forgotten, abandoned or marginalized by society.
  • there be no more buyers of sex (as no one should have the right to treat another person as an object).


To bring the Gospel message of God's love and hope to those on the fringes of society.


  • God has preferential love for the abandoned, forgotten and outcast.
  • Those on the street are as precious as those who serve them.
  • We all share the same dignity as children of God.
  • We respect those who do not believe in Jesus as Savior and God.  We do not force our faith on them.


In Canada, we are blessed with lots of material things.  Even our poor and homeless are not hungry nor naked. 

There are lots of NGOs providing them with food and clothing.  The government also has programs to help high-school drop-outs change their lives eg. adult graduation program, government student loans, various post-secondary colleges that provides short-term certificates to train people into different trades.  However, people on the street are very often deeply wounded.  Most of them suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and abuses.  They lost trust in people.  They lost hope.  In addition, after the closure of Riverview Hospital, a Canadian mental health facility and because of our current law in which no one can be forced to receive medical treatment, many mentally-ill are being left on the streets.

What we lack are social housing for the homeless, detox beds for the addicted, care homes for the mentally-ill and emotional & spiritual support for the street people.  As a result, we provide emotional and spiritual support to them.  We are lights in darkness. 


Midnight Outreach to the Prostituted 

With a spiritual focus, we reach out to the prostituted women and transgender at midnight.

Homeless Outreach

We reach out to the homeless in the downtown eastside and downtown business areas during the day.

Support and Accompaniment

We journey with those who are willing to start a new drug-free life off the street.  We bring them to Jesus.  If they are ready and open, we help them build an intimate relationship with God through retreats, spiritual direction, healing prayer and other spiritual activities.

A few words about Catholic Street Missionaries

from Most Reverend Michael Miller, Archbishop of Vancouver

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